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Deliver exceptional lighting

Deliver exceptional lighting
The Wacker Neuson compact size and light weight light tower offers outstanding performance and a high degree of safety, yet at a most competitive price, thus providing you the best return of investment. Using special pulse type metal halide lamps, the ML series is an excellent choice for lighting construction sites, municipal road maintenance, commercial landscaping and wherever reliable and safe mobile lighting is needed.
  • Compact size, light weight. Pulse start lamp for longer lamp life and better luminance compared to probe start lamp. Wider light coverage due to rectangular shaped lights.
  • High wind stability with side stabilizers and high strength fixture frame material. All lamps can be turned individually.
  • Solid polyurethane high quality wheels, no inflating needed. Easy to access lamp breakers. Heavy duty wheel brake.
  • Equipped with Wacker Neuson's heavy duty jobsite generator. Easy mounting / dismounting of generator. Extra mounting slots for other brand generators.
  • Standard lift bracket for lifting the machine using cranes or hook and tie-down point provide machine safety while on transport to different jobsite

ML-Series Standard Package includes operator's manual and parts book.

Item Number: ML225: 0630120

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